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About the Senior Services Guide

Finding the best aged care services can be overwhelmingly difficult, but you've come to the right place!

Give it a go! Just click one of the 12 services above, start typing your chosen suburb or town, then choose the right one from the list.

When you have found just what you're looking for, you can print or share your results with family and friends.

The Senior Services Guide is the easiest-to-use aged care guide in Australia! We've made it simple so you can find fun activities and home care services to help you or your loved ones stay happily living at home instead of having to move into residential care.

We provide all our elderly care information with you in mind, so everything is kept clear and simple, without lots of distracting ads. And we don't use the confusing terms that are popular within the aged care industry, because they might not be familiar to you.

You'll find lots of helpful services that are available through government-subsidised Home Care Packages. You'll also find private home care services that you can start using immediately.

Some of the activities we list include exercise & fitness classes, social outings, men's sheds, knitting, gardening, Senior Citizens centres, computer classes, citizen science, family history, U3A and various hobbies.

You might need help getting out of bed, bathing, showering or dressing. Or maybe you could do with some support with cleaning your home and other domestic tasks.

You'll find services that help with mowing your lawn, weeding and pruning your garden, and others that provide friendly assistance for seniors by changing light globes and doing other handyman jobs around the home.

Perhaps you could use some help making the bed or doing the washing, ironing and other laundry tasks. And you might need assistance doing the shopping, banking, collecting prescriptions or paying bills. There are also home care services that provide transport to doctors' appointments, shopping, hairdressers, hospitals, pharmacies, activities and family events.

You might choose to have someone help you cook meals, or have some pre-prepared meals delivered by providers like Meals on Wheels. You can even arrange for some social support with friendly home visits, outings and other helpful activities that support seniors living at home. And to keep you safe while living in your own home, you can choose a personal alarm that can send help at the press of a button. That's peace of mind!

Did you know? You can find aged care services for any location in Australia. So if you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, we'll show you the services that are available in that very location.

Jessica North created the online Senior Services Guide as a non-profit organisation in 2012 after struggling to find gardening help for her elderly mother. Now a small team, including her husband, keeps the Guide up to date with the latest services available for senior Australians.